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FWSA players are amazing women. We are daughters, mothers, grandmothers, sisters, wives, partners, lawyers, engineers, artists, teachers, firefighters, doctors, members of our armed forces, nannies, and so many more descriptions. We come together to play soccer, get some exercise, enjoy each others company and develop life long friendships.

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Player/Team Summary
Lee Ann - Grandmasters & GGM Divisions

She never played a sport growing up - at 36 she found soccer and learned it wasnít just running and kicking the ball.

SIS - GGM Division

Treasuring the relationships along the way!

Vienna United - Masters Division

Way more than a soccer team!

Genesis - Grandmasters Division

In the beginning ... two groups coming together!

Milena - Open Division

Originally from Serbia, Milena found FWSA while working as a referee. She had been away from soccer, but found she missed playing.

Ann - Open & Grandmaster Divisions

Ann was in high school when she started playing soccer. In fact, she has often run into several people in FWSA who knew her when she played at Woodbridge High School in Prince William County. Most people are surprised to learn that Ann plays soccer, not realizing that adults play the sport too.

Kathy - GGM Division

Kathy was 38 years old when she started playing soccer. She knew nothing about soccer. Kathy found it was fun, met her competitive needs, and began to get her in shape.

Cynthia - Masters, Grandmasters, and GGM Divisions

Cynthia has played for a total of 45 years! She was the first woman to letter in menís soccer at Lehigh University and she played for 3 years on the All Navy soccer team.