Sub Team

Join our sub team to try out the league. It's free to join. Teams will request subs when they are short players.

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The Basics

  • One sub team for each age group: Open, Masters, GM, & GGM
  • Teams may request up to 3 subs per game
  • No more than 13 total players may play in a game where subs are used
  • A player cannot sub for more than 1 team/day
  • No requests for a specific sub
  • Subs are placed in the order they are received
  • Teams will provide the subs with a jersey for the game
  • If subs cannot be obtained from your age bracket, team reps can contact the sub team coordinator. The sub team coordinator will then request a sub from other age appropriate groups for the team rep.
  • Before the beginning of the game the team rep will acknowledge subs by providing the other team rep with a FWSA Sub Pool Card.
  • If a team consistently has to ask for subs, they may be required to add players to their roster from the recruitment pool.
  • To remove your email address from the sub team Google group, please email the sub team coordinator at
    • Who Is Eligible?

      • New players to FWSA (you can play for 1 season if you have never previously been registered with FWSA)
      • Any age eligible registered FWSA player

      How It Works

      There's a Google Group for each age bracket.

      • Interested players complete the sub add form
      • Team reps submit requests to the appropriate group email list
      • Subs respond to these requests and are placed in the order received
      • Team Reps give opposing team yellow sub card and report use of players as part of game reports

      Removal From The Sub Team