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**** NEW (As Of 2/26/17) -- 2017 Clinic scheduled. Click here for details.

**** NEW (As Of 2/11/17) -- Spring registration, see below for information

**** NEW (As Of 8/22/16) -- Recruiting Flyer for Posting

**** Soccer Isn't Just for Kids, Olympians & Professionals: It's for You! Want to learn to play? FWSA has a Developmental Division

**** Updated Rules Document

**** 2016 FWSA Annual Meeting Operating Report

**** Instructions for Reporting Game Scores

**** New to FWSA? Learn more or find a team here


News Details
Spring Season Registration

Click here for registration details

Click here for registration instructions

Recruiting Flyer for Posting

Help your league by helping to recruit players. Print FWSA flyers and post at work, church, gym, coffee shop, grocery store and all sorts of places. A little effort goes a long way to help.

FWSA Rules Click here to read rules
FWSA Annual Meeting Operating Report Click here to read the report
Looking for a Team?

New to FWSA? Learn more or find a team here

Spring Clinic

Our free clinic starts Tuesday evenings from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm starting April 4th and continuing through early June - It's never to late too join in the fun!

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