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Field/Game Procedures at Woodson

Click here for a printable Game/Field rules and procedures at Woodson ==> PDF

The School Board and Woodson High School have some rules and procedures that we need to follow when using the fields. Let’s try to be good partners. Remember the stuff we learned in Kindergarten – follow the rules (there are not that many), clean up after ourselves and put things back where they belong.


  • NO DOGS allowed on school property. This means any animal that can be considered a dog, even ones that fit into handbags.
  • No trash left behind.
  • No cleats on the stadium track.
  • No parking on the grass at Frost Middle School.


We are sharing the cost of the equipment (goals, nets, sandbags, and corner flags) with Braddock Road. Simple equation - If we do not take care of the equipment, it will cost us more to replace the equipment. Higher equipment replacement costs = higher registration fees.

Who is responsible?

  • First game – Both teams: Set up goals, sandbags, and corner flags.
  • Last game – Both teams: Take down of goals and lock them against fence, return sandbags and corner flags to shed. Ensure everything is locked up.
  • Last game – Both teams: Completes sweep of property ensuring no trash left behind.


  • If the game is called due to rain, the last teams playing are responsible for taking down and returning the equipment.
  • Please clean up all trash before leaving the field.
  • Alcohol is not permitted on Fairfax County Fields! This includes your fans!!