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Spring 2021 Registration is now open - plus order your FWSA branded merchandise now!

As we look forward to another great season of FWSA soccer, here are a few items of note �¢??

  • The season start date is tentatively set for April 5.
  • Regular registration opens today and will end on March 22. After that date, late fees ($15) will apply. So, please register early.
  • You will register as a free agent and insert your team name, if known, if the space provided. If you do not know your team name or forgot it because it's been so long since you last played, leave it blank and we will figure it out.
  • To Register, Click Here
  • Masks will NOT be required on the field but will be on the sidelines.
  • Regular rules will be reinstated for the spring Ã?¢?? throw ins (instead of kick ins) and no modification on corner kicks.
  • We are reopening the FWSA swag store Ã?¢?? with new items added. The link will remain open until March 22. DonÃ?¢??t get left out this time. Order early for the best options.

While we do not yet know what the teams and division set up will look like, the board will try its best to make sure we offer a fair and fun schedule for everyone. We anticipate that it will be somewhat like fall, but we also anticipate more players returning to play as the COVID infection rates drop and vaccinations are on the rise. Once we get a better idea of what the registration numbers look like, the Board will hold an all-hands Zoom meeting (rather than just a Team Rep meeting) to better define the season. Make sure you contact your Team Rep to let her know your interest in playing. Thanks for your patience as we once again get a season of soccer underway.

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