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Fall Season

Thanks to everyone for sharing your thoughts and suggestions for a fall FWSA season.  The board met this past Tuesday, August 4, to review the comments and establish a plan for the season.

 Before we can even begin to establish divisions, help teams that may need additional players, or more importantly, create a schedule, we must know who plans on playing.  At the moment there are too many â??maybesâ?? to run a successful season.  Therefore, we are now asking you to decide whether you plan to play or request a refund.

To help you make your decision, below is what the Board has decided for the rules of the game for the Fall: 

-          To avoid touching the ball as much as possible, there will be kick-ins versus throw-ins, which worked well during the summer season.

-          No offensive players in the 6-yard box on corner kicks, which was also implemented during summer.

-          No sub-pool but teams may â??borrowâ?? players from other teams in the same division.

-          Goalies will be required as in regular seasons and all other regular FWSA rules will be followed.

The Board is also considering a â??mask mandatoryâ?? group if there are enough players who will only register if this is a requirement to play.

The League will follow the mandatory social distancing requirements and all other factors found in the following links to the extent possible.   Virginia Safer at Home Phase Three:

NCAA Information:

If you plan to play, the Board will work to establish divisions/teams and a schedule with a start date of early September based on the number of commitments received.   If you do not plan on playing and would like a refund, please submit a request to the no later than Friday, August 21.  We realize this is a short refund window, but we need to have commitments now, rather than later to establish a viable league.  Refunds requested after this date will be decided on a case-by-case basis.  If you requested a refund, but now want to play, you can register by clicking here.

We recognize some of you may not like these changes and others may feel we arenâ??t doing enough to make everyone safe.  It is an impossible situation to find a solution that will meet everyoneâ??s needs.  You must decide whatâ??s best for you.

Many thanks.

Wanda Rixon

Head Commissioner  

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